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Timber Harvesting

Timber Sale Setup, Bidding, and Administration

Timber sales are often necessary to enhance the health of your woodlands, improve quality or species composition, and produce income ( as a return on your investment or for reinvestment into your property. CFC recommends setting aside at least 10% of your timber sale revenue for reinvestment (timber stand improvement, tree planting,e tc.)
Whether you are interested in conducting good forest management, capturing the value of your timber, or you are required to cut by the Managed Forest Law, Central Forestry Consulting can meet and exceed your needs.
Forest Management Plans are an important part of managing your woodlands. Prior to harvesting timber, it is recommended that you have a plan written for your property. A timber sale administered by Central Forestry Consulting will meet your plan's objectives and follow strict silvicultural guidelines.
Steps in the timber sale process:
1. I will meet with you to walk the woods to be harvested (ie thinning, clearcuts, shelterwoods, etc). I will learn your goals and expectations of the timber sale. If you are unfamiliar with timber sales, my goal is to educate you at every step of the process.
2. If a Managed Forest Law property, I will inform the DNR forester that I am working with you to complete your timber sale. At this time I also confirm with the DNR the requirements of the timber sale.
3. I will then setup the timber sale to meet your objectives. Trees may be individually marked or groups of trees will be designated for removal (ie: clearcuts just have boundary lines). The timber sale and type of marking is tailored to the specific needs of your woods. Volumes of sawtimber are calculated by individual tree tally while volumes of pulpwood (poletimber) are calculated using a random sample plot cruise.
4. A timber sale prospectus is produced and sent to prospective wood buyers throughout Wisconsin. The timber sale prospectus indicates the following items.
    • Product types and volumes.
    • Maps of the timber sale areas and surrounding landscape as well as directions to the property.
    • Bidding Instructions.
    • Contract specifications including: Lump sum bid or mill scale.
    • Length of Contract Period.
    • Designated Harvest Trees
    • Insurance requirements.
    • Payment Schedules.
    • Other property specific requirements.

5. A public bid opening will be held 3 to 4 weeks after bid was mailed out. A 10% down payment is required at bid opening. Seller has the right to accept or reject any or all bids. Central Forestry Consulting, LLC will prepare a timber sale contract between you and the wood buyer.
6. Administration of logging activities: A startup of logging meeting is required, loggers to be working on the property are required to attend, landowners are encouraged to attend to meet the loggers and understand their job. At this meeting I will discuss the purpose of the timber sale, acceptable and unacceptable damage, payment and insurance requirements, and other property specific needs.
Following the startup meeting, logging activities are inspected on a random interval determined by my familiarity with the logger and their speed of logging. Following completion of logging activities, I will inspect the property for contract compliance / excess damage and inform you of the completion and provide you an opportunity to inspect the harvest area.
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